Friday, November 15, 2013


Hannibal Lector- By Tanya Lehoux
Will Graham- By Tanya Lehoux
Character study sketches for an amazing tv show.

Autumn Painting

Autumn Bamboo- By Tanya Lehoux

Bouquet- By Tanya Lehoux
Playing around with colour and texture

Ocean Current

Ocean Current- By Tanya Lehoux

We are all traveling through life together, at the same moment and time. Yet we all see the world differently. What colours do you create for yourself?

Be In Bloom

Be in Bloom- By Tanya Lehoux
When we expose ourselves to the world, everything becomes more beautiful. Lets bloom, blossom, and look at life through rose colored glasses.


Rebirth- By Tanya Lehoux
From the depths of oceans
The fire and the flames
To the vast mountain peaks
And the forests in the rain

Resting but awake
Quiet but unafraid
Your soul will emerge
To be born again